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What is AltEternity? Only the most ambitious Tabletop RPG tool available.

Have you ever wished you could flesh out your NPCs for your games easily and/or automatically?

Do you like to play different RPG formats, but wish you could take your characters from one campaign type to another, easily?

AltEternity GlassTop Display showing a country map.

Would you like to be able to quickly go from World Map,

AltEternity GlassTop Display showing the regional map.

to Country Map,

AltEternity GlassTop Display with miniature figures further in caves.

to Regional Map,

Brave adventurers entering the caves displayed on a glasstop table with a display screen underneath.

to Area map,

AltEternity GlassTop Display of the Orc's Lair map.

to Locale Map,

to building map, to room map, as quickly as you can click on each?

Example of applying visual magical effects to the map board.

Would you like to see the effects of protection spells, light effects, infravision, etc. ?

Example of applying visual magical effects to the map board.

Do you wish you could expose your maps in the manner that the Players are able to see from their characters point of view?

Example of Torchlight mapping, only torchlit areas can be seen

Would you like to track marching order, battle actions, time duration of spells and other effects through turn based activities as well as days of non-encounters and player preparations? Battle effects and spell duration are automatically added to the running naration of activities that you can embellish or ignore as desired. Embellishment is indicated in Red.

Example of AutoNarartion of GM actions.

Would you like to create your own Game System with your own rules and character attributes?

AltEternity GlassTop Display with miniature figures in Ogre Cave

Would you like to be able to create a world history and allow your players to time travel and create alternate realities?

AltEternity GlassTop Display with miniature figures further in caves.

Would you like to easily take your characters to other planes of existance, timelines, alternate realities, heavenly or underworldly locations?

Then AltEternity is for you. Create game maps, calendars, worlds, even universes if you wish. Track party locations, set NPC locations and abilities, likely alternate locations, personality, voice used, clothing, skills, history, etc.

With AltEternity you will be able to show the players maps and information that is intended to be displayed on a second monitor, while on the Game Master's screen is a mini-version of the map and information about each Player Character and each Non-Player Characters. Marching Orders, Spells in effect and duration remaining.

Track each characters needs for Food, Drink, Rest, Relief of Bodily requirements, recovery times for damage to heal naturally, weight carried, items on hand, items owned and stored at other locations and more, or not. AltEternity is designed so each feature is optional and not required to use the program as you desire.

Design campaigns with random and scheduled encounters. Clicking on a map will bring up details of the encounter, reminding the GM of the campaign encounter elements.

Create Monsters, NPCs and others on the fly. Need a character for a random encounter, select the parameters from varrious lists, race, class, professions, skill levels, random historical events to flesh out the character and possessions.

Ever have your players dump weapons to use the scabbard to hold items or materials found in the game? Every item that can be a container, can act as a container, including details like, leaky bottom, liquid oozes out at 1 oz per turn. Or, have you wanted to keep track of damage done to containers like sacks, boxes and crates over time? Sure the character has a sack, but it is currently at 50% damage, meaning there is a chance it will fail for every time it takes damage or for every turn the sack is used to support weight.

We have a ton of ideas to incorporate into AltEternity, but it will be a long time coming.

If you are a programmer, artist, gamer or entrepreneur, and wish to contribute to this project, You can reach us at